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"Five thousand years ago, when mortals were a mere thought in the mind of their creator, Lucifer was casted out of the immortal realm of Valleyner, doomed to spend his days in the Dark Beyond. After Hanell the Creator, the Pale Lion, fashioned the mortal world of Thestlen, a secret concealed from mortals brought on grave consequences."

In the remote village of Heedeon, Bellwound Throvar and Arnon Helvug are visited by immortals from shadow and light. A weapon known as the Mezar is found, believed to house the Luciferian Epistle written before he, the Dove, suffered judgement by the Regents, gods of ultimate power and parents to Hanell the Creator.

The two boys set out on a journey with a Nephilin, hoping to find answers to their mysterious past. But secrets and lies do not ask for the right time to strike. A dark tale spreads, whispers that the Dove was expelled by the Pale Lion not because of rebellion, but because of their forbidden love for one another. While struggling to confess his true feelings for Arnon, Bellwound realizes that love won’t be enough to save them from their doom, especially if the doom was caused by love itself.

As they travel across forests, deserts, and seas, they discover that the ploy of the gods will not only change their own world but will also claim lives, crowns, and kingdoms.

Immortal Crowns is the beginning of a new tale riddled with betrayal, romance, war, and deceit.

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Love. Lust. Fear. Lies.
The secrets of Bellwound's lineage and lifelong love have led him away from a once quiet life and into the Dark Beyond, the realm where Lucifer and his Fallen Stars were imprisoned. The once sacred land has turned into a luscious prison, riddled with mystery, guarded by the judged goddess Romiria. The arrival of Lucifer's son disrupts an ancient order, stirring chaos in this doomed paradise.

While the Dark Beyond is shaken by Bellwound's presence, Lucifer and his servants plot against mortals and the Creator with an army of Shadows. Bringing with him a chance for vengeance, the seed of darkness also finds his way back to the place where the universe began.

Oriah has returned to his kind, siding with Loghleen in the war to come. Under Lucifer's promise of freedom from an ancient curse, the two are crowned rulers over Nephilins. But no heart is ever truly pure in this war between makers and subjects.

Death is an uninvited guest in this chaos, dooming holy and unholy beings to fight in the world of the living.

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