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  • Can I join your street team?
    You may join my street team via Whatsapp here:
  • Can you read my manuscript?
    Because of my schedule, I do not read or critique any manuscripts. But fear not! Facebook has an array of groups where you may find readers that can critique your work.
  • Interview requests
    Please submit all interview requests to
  • Where can I listen to music inspired by your books?
    Check out the links below: Here in the Shadows (Music Inspired by The Whispers of the Fallen Books): The Broken Miracle: Born Amidst Magic (Henderbell): Shadow of the Bells (Henderbell):
  • Do you design book covers?
    I also run a branding and marketing agency that can definitely assist authors and publishers in creating book covers. Discover more at
  • Do you create all of your covers?
    Every cover, book layout, map, and character design was created by me!
  • Will there be a second Saved by the Page?
    Visit for news and updates.
  • Who is your agent?
    I am represented by Susan Velazquez at JABberwocky Literary Agency.
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